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New Taipei City's old apartments are installed with elevator subsidies and upgrades!

Extraordinary! Extraordinary! Blessed for the old elevators. New Taipei City provides "Elevator Express" subsidy program for old houses over 30 years old. The manufacturer subsidizes NT$ 2 million in each case, and now even more provides a limited-time reward of NT$1.2 million , don’t know how to apply? Personal service, please dial 0800-575859

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The highest subsidy of NT$ 2.2 million to install elevators in old apartments in Beishi

A few days ago, the Taipei Municipal Metropolitan Development Bureau subsidized the installation of elevators in old apartments over 20 years and less than 6 floors. The maximum subsidy per case was NT$ 2.2 million. At the same time, the application process was simplified to improve housing. High-quality elevator manufacturers contact 0800-575-859

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